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Web Site Design / Developement

We have 7 years experience building web sites. Our normal turn-around time for most of the sites you see in our portfolio is two weeks. Please contact us so we can get started on your project!

Cold Fusion

We have 6 years experience programming in Cold Fusion. We have built small applications for large businesses in the Baltimore Area. Cold Fusion is what we specialize in for building Shopping Carts and web-database interfaces.

Database Design

A well thought out database scheme is integral for obtaining efficient database performance and stability. We have 6 years experience in creating database driven web sites. Our experience lies with database applications such as Access, Oracle , and MS-SQL.

Application Development

We streamline the process of developing web applications through our tried and true process. We offer free consultation and free Project Plan proposals to our clients. Once everything is agreed upon a contract is drawn up and work begins. On larger projects we may team up with other contractors that we have worked with before to bring a timely solution for your project.

Web Site Hosting

We offer hosting through our partner company World Design Group, Inc. (WDG). WDG has been providing reliable Email, Web, Database and FTP services for six years. We recommend all our clients to host their site through WDG because their customer service is personal and unbeatable. Basic hosting rates begin at $25/USD a month.

Flash / Gif Animation

Flash is clearly one of the hottest technologies on the web. Flash is more than an animation tool, it has grown into becoming an excellent tool for developing compelling Web content. If your looking for a web presence with high class, visually rich content, Macromedia Flash could be your answer. Flash is capable of building web sites with true interactivity and sound.

Gif Animation has been around a while but still is a very useful way to create animation on your web site or ad banner. We have a lot of experience creating ad banners.

Our Process

1). Client Interview - This will establish the goal of the project and enable Web Organix to author a document outlining the entire project in black and white. This document will be known as the Web Site Specification Sheet.

2). Secondary Meeting - We will go over the document making sure that both parties agree on the project and how it will look and perform.

3). Contract Signing - A contract will be drawn up that directly reflects the web site specifation sheet. A timeline for the web site development is agreed upon and described in the contract. A deposit check is due at the time both parties sign the contract.

4). Design Sketches - Web Organix will begin work by designing sketches for the client to decide which sketch works well for their project.

5). Web Site Development - Once the look and feel is decided on we can start building the site and tying it in with the Database (if needed).

6). Site testing - Once the site is deemed complete the client and Web Organix will go over the site making sure everything is working to the client's satisfication. After testing, the site will be ready for public launching.

7). Site Launch - Final payment is due at this time. Web Organix will monitor your sites activity for a period after launch making sure the code and database is working optimally.